Take Control of your own "Pest Control" using Bioway Multi Insect and Dustmite Killer

About the Bioway Multi Insect & Dustmite Killer

A unique product now available in South Africa.

Bioway Multi is user-friendly, totally safe for humans, mammals and birds but deadly to insects and dustmites. It causes no skin or eye irritation and accidental swallowing of the product has no lasting negative effects.

It is totally safe to wear treated and sprayed clothing or to sleep in bedding, sleeping-bags, mattresses, carpets, pillows, etc, or to be in contact in any way with the product once the product has dried on any treated surface.

This product can be used with total peace of mind when sprayed on curtains, furniture, camping equipment, linen, in cupboards, drawers, or any textile fabric and is safe on plants.

The product guarantees that the active ingredients are uniformly distributed. The paralysis caused by this product in the nerve systems of cold-blooded insects, kills them, as well as their larvae and eggs once it has been absorbed.

Only a small amount of the product needs to be sprayed undiluted on any surface to be effective. No need to saturate the area, just a light spray will be sufficient.

Hospitality Experience :

This product was originally formulated by scientists in Switzerland to comply with the strictest International safety standards and regulations eg World Health Organisation (WHO).

Ideal for hotels and restaurants with large, busy kitchens as there is no need to remove food, cutlery and crockery.

It is proved to be the first safe product therefore, making it convenient, without having to stop work and close down kitchens during treatment.

It is used in restaurants and food outlets, homes, hospitals, clinics, schools, creches, hotels, resorts, guest houses, lodges, and any other accommodation facilities.

Important Facts:

• Personal - Clean - Easy - Hygienic and Effective Insect Control
• Kills Insects - Their Larvae - Eggs and Stops theirbiting and host-seeking behaviour
• Odourless - Does not Stain - No synthetic solvents
• No annoying unpleasant or harmful gasses
• No need to vacate sprayed room or area
• A Unique researched, developed and approved user friendly product
• Bio Degradable & Green Friendly/Eco Friendly
• Deadly to Dust Mites, Flies, Ants, Cockroaches, Lice, Head Lice, Mosquitos, Fish Moths, Bedbugs, Ticks and many other cold blooded insects
• Excellent use for modern Households, Hotels, Resorts, Luxurious suites, Guest Houses, Lodges, Chalets, Rondavels, Tents and any other Accommodation Facilities.
• Ideal to use for Public Health Care in Hospitals, Clinics, Schools, Crèches, Restaurants, Public Food Outlets, Veterinary Pet and Animal Care, etc.
• Not Dangerous or Harmful to Humans, dogs, mammals and birds, once the product has dried on any Fabric - Textile or Surface.
• Totally safe to sleep on sprayed mattresses - bedding - pillows - carpets - sleeping bags - in clothing for Hunters or other treated items.
• Always spray suitcases - hand-bags or luggage when travelling, camping or hiking..


The Taxidermy Hobbyist can use Bioway Multi on Trophies to prevent Insect Infestation.
If you spray Bioway Multi on the mounted trophies it will not damage the trophies because Bioway Multi is water based.

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